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    What are top 10 professional life hacks?

    1.While interview never asks for a 100 per cent hike from an HR no matter how much technically proficient you can be, there are another 1000 waiting for a job. Always engage your interview with technical things and project related queries. You will be paid based on how much you deserve.

    2.While composing an official mail, use these words often “please" “kindly".Your mail should not dictate or give a feeling of “rudeness” or should not look “indiscreet”

    3.Learn to wish people or smile at least, corporate culture loves such gesture.

    4.Always wear neat formals or semi-formals, instead of wearing flashy coloured and casual attires.

    5.Never waste that tea coffee cold drinks you often sip from vending machines.Once you're done drinking always throw those plastic cups or glass in the dustbin.

    6.Never waste 2 to 3 hours for lunch altogether, having your lunch hardly takes 10 to 15 minutes. It does have a huge negative impact on overall productivity.

    7.Always keep a rough book or notebook by your side, when you see hear anything innovative, write it down.

    8.Always keep a calendar in front of your computer or desk.

    9.Want to build a good impression or rape? Not bootlicking ..this trick can help you. Attend any training sessions with a good attentiveness and also ask questions to get interactive.

    10.Help more than faking your concern towards others, if anyone is struggling anything in process or application, help him her, there are enough good guys who rose to success being a good guy. it's true.

    11.Most importantly stay away from having intimate relationships with your colleagues or people from another department in the same premise or office. Your character and reputation matters here. Don't believe the notion “character hardly matters incorporate, one or the other gets screwed by his her boss".

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