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    What would be your personal choices for “businesses allowed to re-open next” in the UK’s COVID lockdown?

    ANY people ought to be able to work together if they follow these guidelines to take responsibility for protecting one's self in a pandemic:

    1. wear a mask to isolate our own and anyone else’s breathing, talking, coughing, sneezing,
    2. wear gloves to isolate our hands, and so we can take off my shoes after being out,
    3. keep our distance from others, 6 feet/2 meters with masks, 18 feet/6 meters with one mask between us, 30 feet/10 meters with no masks between us,
    4. do not touch anything that we do not own or plan to own, no leaning on railings or counters,
    5. sanitize everything coming into our home, our faces, hands, hair, clothes, packages, mail, groceries, our mask and gloves and shoes.

    Simple points, as easy to remember as 5 fingers on one hand.

    Do them, and get back to work with other folks who follow these simple rules.

    To Submit the blogs same as above business or Business Write For Us category. You can check at official site for guidelines.


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